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Dabangg 2 Reviews


A Robinhood like cop with a great sense of humour in a small town in UP is the biggest recall value Salman Khan ever got in his two-decade career. Cashing in on the popularity of the first part, Salman and team is back with the sequel and Dabangg 2 is the story going ahead. "Salman and Sonakshi's couple is married now and this film stresses on how a married couple can also be romantically inclined to each other," says Arbaaz Khan.


Behind the scenes: Dabangg 2
In 2012, Bollywood has churned out as many as seven sequels of its earlier hits, ranging from already released Jism 2, Jannat 2 to upcoming Dostana 2. While the former had nothing common with its original part other than the lead actor Emraan Hashmi, Dostana 2 will see Abhisekh Bachchan and John Abraham fight for Katrina Kaif. When asked why he chose to play with the 'Dostana' title again, Karan Johar was quick to tell the reporters, "As long as you make it exciting for people, the idea works. If something works and you can continue the same story, why not bring it back again with the same theme and energy?"
Sallu, Sona and Dabangg 2
So why doesn't Bollywood shy away from exploiting a title?  This may be because releasing sequels is Bollywood's sure-shot way of making a film work. Normally sequels gain popularity among distributors and makers because of its recall value and that in turn acts as a less risk zone, due to the known mass popularity. It is easier to work with new script than experimenting with new characters. "Dabangg is a brand. When we were making the first film, we did not make it with the intention that we want to make part two. It was later that we realized there is a potential and we can take the film ahead," adds Maliaka Arora Khan, the co-producer of Dabangg 2.
Is Sonakshi the next big thing in B'wood?
Bollywood's sequel story is not new. The earliest film to be turned into a sequel was the snake-drama Nigahen which took on from where Nagina left off. In the first part, Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor die and Sridevi comes back as their daughter to avenge her parent's death. The nineties stayed away from sequels but riding on the success of 'Hera Pheri', the cast came together once again with another story. The film made money but couldn't hold a candle to its earlier part. But the idea worked and Bollywood set up its sequel shop.  In the last five years as many as 30 sequels have been churned out of Bollywood's factory. Earlier this year, Rohit Shetty who had set the cash registers ringing with his 'Golmaal' and 'Dhamaal' franchises may perhaps agree that sequels work better than solos, going by the report card of 'Bol Bachchan'.
Barring a few duds like Rakhta Charitra 2, Bhoot Returns sequels have always worked their magic at the box office. Trade analysts feel that Sequels are here to stay until Bollywood comes up with more original stories. When 'Kyaa Kool Hain Hum' released seven years ago, it was panned by the critics for its explicit content. But that didnot stop it from becoming a hit with the masses and using same scathing reviews, producer Ekta Kapoor promoted the sequel with the confidence that this film too will work well with the audience. Last heard Ram Gopal Varma is planning a sequel to 'Bhoot Returns'. Be scared. Very  scared.

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