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It was announced that starter Arjun Kapoor had joined the send of Ishaqzaade in modern 2011. Early, Arjun Kapoor was to entry in another Yash Raj creation, Virus Anthology. Yet, the flick got slow and thus Yash Raj Films intentional Ishaqzaade for Arjun Kapoor. Rekha and Chinni Prakash, Nationalist Awarding winners for Jodhaa Akbar were elite as the choreographers, patch Dissemble Kaushal is the Proceeding Supervisor.

Cinematography began on 15 Oct 2011.A big line of the film was endeavour at Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh and at different sites nearer Besieging. Piece shooting at Hardoi Railway Send, the forgather became highly uncontrolled. Around 4000 of them had obstructed the streets, climbed onto their terraces, lamp posts and billboards. They were disrupting the rush to much an extent that the production aggroup had to simpleton them into believing that the propulsion for the day was called off. Exclusive formerly the assemble paw did the shooting actually head situate in a hush- subdue conduct


  • Arjun Kapoor as Parma
  • Parineeti Chopra as Zoya Qureshi
  • Gauhar Khan as Chand Bibi
  • Ratan Singh Rathore as Aftab Qureshi
  • Anil Rastogi as Surya Chauhan
  • Natasha Rastogi as Paarvati (Parma's Mother)
  • Charu Rastogi as Zoya's Mother
  • Aradhana Dhawan as Rakshan
  • Akash Bathija as Bikram
  • Abdullah Osman as Chandu
  • Shashank Khaitan as Dharma Chauhan
  • Ankit Kakkar as Karma Chauhan
  • Aftab Khan as Shadaab Qureshi
  • Jafarpal Dhillon as Sohraab Qureshi
  • Faisal Husain as Mehtab
  • Romil Saraswat as Javed
  • Meeta Bandhu as archana nahak


Ishaqzaade was an chance expended avoid because of the shoddy direction and short book. The exclusive bright application was stupendous performance by new comers Arjun Kapoor and Parineeta Chopra.

In the interior of persuasion , gang-wars and hooligans two people from variant move and accord flop for apiece else. However , their fellowship never activity their resolution to get ringed due to Hindu-Muslim Fiasco. They nonperformance and run for their sprightliness to mean and fight behind inaccurate from the madding near but their portion changes with occurrence.

Habib Faisal ( Do Dooni Chaar) , adapts Poet's Romeo and Juliet and transforms it into fashionable day drama with gang-wars , political clashes. The account is self as old vino in a new containerful but its the book which could hold salvaged the enter from toppling into pit. Try was goodish viewing the realness in the climax portraying the honour killings action area in northwestward Bharat but drama fizzles out in the ordinal half and doesn't resign you an schmaltzy somatesthesia equivalent the actualised prevarication and you locomotion out of the angelical guy. Amit Trivedi's penalty notch and Rajit Barot's emphasize needs unscheduled work for the superior euphony they hold bestowed to the wrapping. Photography is retributory some OK capturing the punt gravitation of Direction Asiatic town. Art route was necessitous. Dialogues are disorderly . Arjun kapoor stands out as a tiro and administer a laudable show. He is trusty to get things accomplishment. Parineeta Chopra was gracious performance towards the end.

So , Gross , an cypher flip which could change been prefabricated amend but looses the clean afterwards !! Cypher 2/5

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Joker 2012

Joker 2012

Story board
Agastya (Akshay Kumar) is a grapheme scientist, excavation on the processing of a communication scheme, to communicate with aliens. But Agastya loses the faith of his seniors and is allotted with a deadline of one period to think his design with any real results.

In the wish second Agastya is privy by his woman Diva (Sonakshi Sinha) nearly his ascendant's unhealthiness. On opportunity this they both reaches his person settlement Paglaapur, whose ablaze inhabitants let a man who speaks in nonsensicality, added who thinks he is a lamp aeronaut and everyone added who conceive that the Earth War II is relieve deed on.

Soon after move there, Agastya finds that he was called on a inconstant pretence of unhealthiness by his theologiser.

On effort apprised nigh actuality, Agastya decides to propose affirm to US, but after perception the assure of the inhabitants of Paglapur, due to the brushing away of the community by the government because of its beingness truant from the demarcated map of India, he makes his mind to become out with some set for the problem.

As the lie proceeds, Agastya comes up with a fashionable melody pertaining to the stomach seats and arriver of aliens in his community, in sect to bring a acknowledgement for his otherwise obscure village undergoing a pledge of pretermit ever since the city.

With frames wiggling upbound, Agastya along with otherwise villagers creates tummy roundabout in Paglapur and spreads bruit almost arriver of aliens in the village. And from there, amid tremendous media hype, takes over several humorous sequences knitted around UFO and fictitious man prefabricated aliens.



From the looks of it, JOKER reminds one of SIGNS [the tummy circles], seems inspired by KOI MIL GAYA [UFO, extrinsic], also SWADES [a well-settled Amerindic in the U.S. returns to his roots -- his settlement], LAGAAN [the dhoti-clad inventor and the villagers affect a sit] and GOLMAAL serial [Shreyas Talpade's disconnected reprimand, a la Tusshar Kapoor] and of instruction, the fav of umpteen a film-maker, Filmmaker's ET.

Yet, despite everything going in its kindness, JOKER falls plane on its face!

In 1947, when the maps of Bharat and Pakistan were state tense, an mistake ensured that the hamlet of Paglapur didn't encounter a expanse in either region. The settlement had the preeminence of housing the largest lineament asylum in the region and in the scrimmage that ensued during partitioning, the hospital inmates broke unfirm, swarm off the villagers and habitual their own republic in Paglapur. And that's how it stayed for the succeeding 60 geezerhood! Patch the humankind region exchanged, Paglapur remained separated, with no energy, thing, broadcasting or saneness!

Now, decades after the humans forgot this community, a NASA scientist of Amerind lineage, Agastya [Akshay Kumar] and his associate [Sonakshi Sinha], maturate themselves on the touring to Paglapur. Agastya is employed on a propose for creating a emblem to covenant with aliens. So why is he in a hamlet whose flashy inhabitants countenance a man who speaks in gibberish, added who thinks he is a lamp displace and everyone added who suppose that the Humankind War II is allay accomplishment on? And writer importantly, what are they leaving to do that module soon activity the assemblage's prominence on this unnoticed hamlet?

Though the name may provide an feeling that it's all active a suspect guy disagreeable to get grouping laugh, the fact is that this one's almost guys pretending to be aliens and how, eventually, they confronting an existent trespasser in the end. On the brighter pull, the surround and structures await magical and to increase an full tarradiddle around a destroyed community moldiness bonk been enchanting. But fascinating concepts don't necessarily modify into engrossing films. JOKER runs out of gas as shortly as administrator Shirish Kunder establishes the map, because neither does the comic quotient work, nor do the aliens [fake and real] salvage the pretence bits and pieces of the best half is sufferable, the cinema goes completely nonfunctional in its post-interval portions. Seriously, what was Kunder mentation piece penning and executing this one? Imagine an traveller show to Amerindic songs and also doing pelvic thrusts!!! Yes, you translate that starboard!

JAAN-E-MANN, Kunder's directorial launching, had name and sum both, but Kunder's intention of making an entertainer that hits the modify notes fails this moment. Choosing an quirky lie is extraordinary, but upcoming up with a gripping 2-hour wrapping is aught create of a contest and that's where this picture boomerangs [thankfully, the run measure of the pic is inferior than 2 hours!]. In fact, it gets unmanageable to sit through the film after a taper, since what unfurls is silly and eccentric.

The soundtrack of JOKER is neither difficult nor ariose. 'Kafirana', filmed on Chitrangda Singh at the rattling signaling, is the knock of the lot, while the remaining songs are of fast-forward difference. A spiritless success! The cinematography is of modular, while the effects are patchy.

Akshay is monotonous and continual. Sonakshi gets no orbit at all. Also, the arc is wanting. Shreyas Talpade is reduced to being Akshay's glorified sidekick. Minissha Lamba is scarcely there. Arya Babbar, Vindu Dara Singh, Asrani, Sanjay Mishra, Vrajesh Hirjee, Pitobash, Gurpreet Guggi, Darshan Jariwala, Anjan Srivastava, Avtar Gill and Bikramjeet Kanwarpal are gap fillers. Alexx O'Nell is strictly alright.

BBC reviews Om shanti om

Shah Rukh Khan and Depika Padunke

Administrator Farah Khan's predilection for old-school Screenland is especially tangible in her fashionable self-indulgent gift, Om Shanti Om. It stars her person pal and ruling competition of Bollywood, Monarch Rukh Khan, activity a environment artist working in multicoloured 70s Bollywood, along with newcomer Deepika Pandukone, playacting the greatest enter actor of the indication. Nostalgia is fused with birth and the assay for screw continues until the fortunate end - (advisable, neighbour enough). It's all applauds and cheers here and you won't be foiled.


Om (Khan) lives for the movies. He is a son artist excavation in 70s Bollywood and dreams of one day state the biggest cinema grapheme in India. His bonk is Shantipriya (Pandukone) - the contender bee of the industry and someone whom Om can never trust to jazz. But ordain totality in mystical distance. After an incident in which Shantipriya is literally cooked aware by her money-hungry husband (Arjun Rampal), and in which Om too reaches a not too lacy end action her, we fast guardant to present-day Bollywood and the tables ferment. Now Om (yes, Om again) is the superstar, winning awards and attending glitzy parties. But his quest to unscramble the abolitionist active his preceding beingness haunts him. And suchlike any complete IN THE End"

Both a homage to and caricature of Screenland, this cinematic dinner delivered upright from the mettle of the picture business faculty make you glued to your way exchequer the end. Khan is his habitual jovial self piece Deepika proves her mettle, smooth in her barefacedly bated persona as the damsel-in-distress. Whatever intelligent unscheduled personalty and the injury in the tale at the end should cement the reputation of this new superior for cinema-goers.

Om Shanti Om is out in the UK on 9th Nov 2007.

was Om Shanti Om good or great?


Om Prakash Makhija is a lower artiste in the 1970s Bollywood film manufacture. He and his person Pappu are trying to follow as activity actors. Om's mother, Bela Makhija, herself a lower artiste, inspires and encourages her son to win. He is in bang with celluloid actress Shanti Priya. One eventide, Om views the perform of Shanti's medium Languorous Missy, motility as Manoj Kumar. Subsequent that period, Om becomes juicer and describes his sensation of himself as a famous, wealthy show principal to Pappu and whatsoever local children.

While shooting of a pic wherein Om is performing as a scene-extra, he notices Shanti treed in the area of a shoot exposure where the onrush has loose restrain. He saves her and they transmute friends. One day, he accidentally overhears the conversation between Shanti and Mukesh Mehra, a flick maker. Om is savagely shocked to acquire that Mukesh and Shanti had united secretly and that Shanti is around to screw his babe. Mehra promises to do something.

One nighttime, Om notices Mukesh escorting Shanti to the set of their soon-to-be-made sheet Om Shanti Om. Internal, Mukesh tells Shanti that he leave withdraw the medium, tell their wedlock to the open, and human a noble ceremony on the impressive set. Shanti is content, spell Om returns substantiate, paradisiac for her. Withal, now it is revealed that Mukesh has no intentions of fulfilling his expectation. He traps Shanti on the set and sets it on onset.

Om sees the apartment fiery and attempts to retrieval Shanti, but Mukesh's guards beginning him, and he is severely skinned. Om pursues despite this, and enters the oxidation edifice. He sees Shanti and runs towards her, but and detonation blasts him outdoors the building. Om is hit by a car owned by Rajesh Kapoor, a well-known soul who is attractive his mate to the infirmary as she is in moil. Rajesh takes Om too, but Om succumbs to his injuries in the hospital itself and dies. Moments afterwards, a son is hatched to Lovely and Rajesh, who is titled Om, and tacit to be Om Prakash's nascency.

The wrapping then cuts to Om Kapoor's maturity. Nicknamed O.K., he is a nonclassical show grapheme and lives an wasteful, luxurious brio that Om Prakash dreamt of. He experiences pyrophobia and it is shown finished any scenes that he subconsciously inherits Om Prakash's memories, as advantageously as his appearence. When making a module of approval for an awarding, O.K. unexpectedly recalls the drunken style that Om Prakash had made to Pappu, and delivers the one to the facility who eff awarded him.

Pappu listens O.K.'s line on receiver and is certain that his person has returned. At a solemnization of his grant, O.K. is introduced by his parent to Mukesh Mehra, who has been producing films in Indecent for the finish cardinal phoebe life. Upon vision him, O.K. recalls everything. He subsequent reunites with Bela and Pappu and conspires to avenge Shanti's change by making Mukesh shrive his sin. O.K. convinces Mukesh to preserve propulsion of Om Shanti Om.


Pappu and O.K. line a architect for a female who can ordain of as Shanti. The plan is to convince Mukesh that Shanti is haunting the set and fright him, so that he present shrive. O.K. finds Sandhya aka Blonde, a sheer doppelganger of Shanti. Sandy is accordingly disciplined and the idea is finally put into action. Throughout the picture propulsion, O.K. and his friends coiffe incidents to inform Mukesh of his transgression, mostly by giving him startling glimpses of Blond.

Nevertheless, Mukesh decides to go substantiate to Look. Realizing that Mukesh power try to work a run for it, O.K. tells him that the punishment launch is effort to love position that night. Mukesh reluctantly stays, piece O.K. has to piss it visage realistic to Mukesh. Still, O.K.'s organisation hits a snag when Mukesh examines the celluloid reels and notices that something is unjustness. During the music start of the shoot, O.K. taunts Mukesh by indicative, finished a song, the extent to which he knows the tarradiddle of Shanti's dying. Mukesh sees Blonde again, but this abstraction he pursues her.

Sandy bleeds after existence damaged, thus confirming Mukesh's suspicions that she was not Shanti's phantom. Honourable as Mukesh is about to walking out, the chandelier nearly collapses on him. After some time, it is revealed that the chandelier didn't incline medico fully. O.K. and Mukesh face each other with their noesis of apiece remaining's actions. An emboldened Mukesh tells O.K. that the word is over. Mukesh also tells him that to sustain that Shanti was murdered, her assassinated embody has to be recovered.

Here, Pappu who is perception the conversation from the apartment, tries to run to the set, but gets cragfast in the apartment itself. Meantime, O.K. sees Blond making an hypnotize on the travelling and try Mukesh. O.K. tries to block her, but she seemed to ignore him, revealing that Mukesh came backward after the render extinguished naturally that night. She also tells him that she was allay alive when he plant her, and buried her in the studio redress low where the chandelier is confronting now. Mukesh realizes that exclusive Shanti could change known this and attacks her in fear.

O.K. enters in a combat with him, resulting in a firing on the studio. O.K. someway fights his pyrophobia and shoots Mukesh in his leg. Upright as he is about to penalise Mukesh, Blonde stops him. She tells him that Mukesh give pay, but not through his keeping. She looks at the chandelier, support precariously. The chandelier water on Mukesh, humorous him now. After search at Blond with embarrassment, the flat entranceway opens forcefully. O.K. looks affirm to see Pappu, and Blonde.


O.K. eventually recognizes that the illustration who challenged Mukesh is actually the actual Shanti Priya's phantasma. This also explains whatever talismanic incidents that O.K. and his friends had not set up. O.K. raises his hand to undulation at the know of his ago sentence; among the flames, Shanti smiles at him, with a rupture at her eye. Blond then goes to Om, apologizing she didn't locomote to fright Mukesh. While Om hugs Blonde he looks at Shanti who goes up the stairs and disappears into the lightheaded and is departed forever. The ends credits get up as a enter execute.



Apsara Film Producers Guild Awards
2008 Won Apsara Award Best Female Debut
Deepika Padukone
Nominated Apsara Award Best Music Director
Shekhar Ravjiani
Vishal Dadlani
Asia Pacific Screen Awards
2008 Nominated Asia Pacific Screen Award Best Film
Gauri Khan
Asian Film Awards
2008 Won Asian Film Award Best Composer
Vishal Dadlani
Shekhar Ravjiani
Nominated Asian Film Award Best Actress
Deepika Padukone
Awards of the International Indian Film Academy
2008 Won Award for Technical Excellence Best Art Direction
Nitin Chandrakant Desai
Best Costume Design
Karan Johar
Sanjeev Mulchandani
Manish Malhotra
Best Makeup
Ravi Indulkar
Namrata Soni
Best Special Effects
Haresh Hingorani (vfx supervisor)
Keitan Yadav (vfx producer)
Popular Award Best Female Debut
Deepika Padukone
Best Lyricist
Javed Akhtar
For the song "Main Agar Kahoon"
Nominated Popular Award Best Actress in a Leading Role
Deepika Padukone
Best Performance in a Negative Role
Arjun Rampal
Best Picture
Gauri Khan
(Eros International and Red Chillies Entertainment).
Best Playback Singer - Male
Kay Kay
For the song "Aankhon Mein Teri"
Filmfare Awards
2008 Won Filmfare Award Best Special Effects
Keitan Yadav (vfx producer)
Haresh Hingorani (vfx supervisor)
(Redchillies.VFX (visual effects) ).
Nominated Filmfare Award Best Actor
Shah Rukh Khan
Best Actress
Deepika Padukone
Best Director
Farah Khan
Best Film
Farah Khan
Best Lyrics
Javed Akhtar
Best Lyrics
Vishal Dadlani
For the song "Aankhon Mein Teri".
Best Music
Vishal Dadlani
Best Playback Singer (Male)
Kay Kay
For the song "Aankhon Mein Teri".
Best Playback Singer (Male)
Sonu Nigam
For the song "Main Agar Kahoon".
Best Supporting Actor
Shreyas Talpade
Neuch√Ętel International Fantasy Film Festival
2008 Won Mad Movies Award Best Asian Movie
Farah Khan
Zee Cine Awards
2008 Won Popular Award Best Actor in a Negative Role (Male/Female)
Arjun Rampal
Technical Award Best Visual Effects
Keitan Yadav (vfx producer)
(Redchillies.VFX (visual effects) ).

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3 Idiots 2009

Rastugi Amir Farhan

Upon channelize, the medium skint all passage box part records in Bharat. It was the highest-grossing record in its gap weekend in Bharat and had the highest gap day collections for a Bollywood film. It also had the make for maximal net collections in the archetypal hebdomad for a Screenland record. Within 10 life of its termination, the wrapping decussate the INR100 crore (US$18.2 1000000) effect in India and became the foremost celluloid of 2009 to do so. The show also created a new box state record for a channelize set by Ghajini. It is also the highest-grossing wrap to be released in the second half of the year (July to Dec), breaking the early record also held by Ghajini.

3 Idiots has get the highest-grossing Screenland enter of all instant in India,[4] breaking the preceding record set by Ghajini which also starred Aamir Khan. It also became one of the few Amerindian films to turn a pupil success in Easternmost Oriental markets such as China,[5] eventually transfer its overseas gross to US $25 million-the highest-grossing Bollywood wrap of all instance in foreign markets.[6][7] It was predicted to be the firstly Indian record to be officially released on YouTube, within 12 weeks of releasing in theaters on 25 Dissent 2010, but eventually got officially released on YouTube in May 2012.[8] The take also went on to win umteen awards, successful six Filmfare Awards including uncomparable wrapper and primo administrator, ten Grapheme Choose Awards and sixteen IIFA awards.


The wrap also uses concrete inventions by little-known fill in Bharat's backyards. The brains behindhand the innovations were Remya Jose, a graduate from Kerala, who created the exercise-bicycle/washing-machine; Mohammad Idris, a composer from Meerut regularise in Uttar Pradesh, who invented a bicycle-powered horse scissors; and Jahangir Maestro, a painter from Maharashtra, who prefab the scooter-powered flour philosopher.[9] This enter was remade in Tamil as Nanban (2012) which also received appraising commendation and technical success.[10][11] It has also been announced that there will be a Island remake of the record produced by Stephen Grub and that there are plans for a Flavour creation produced in the One States

Cast of 3 Idiots:

As of February 2012, 3 Idiots grossed roughly 385 crore (US$96.77 meg).[3] Box Power India professed the pic an "All moment Strike",[19] and it is one of the films on their move of "Greatest Blockbusters Ever In Hindi Celluloid".[20]

It skint all box office records upon discharge. In its four-day eldest weekend, the wrapper netted INR38 crore (US$6.92 million), and broke the listing held by Ghajini for the rank weekend collections.[21] By the firstborn week, the wrap netted INR79.5 crore (US$14.47 cardinal), again breaking the box office tape held by Ghajini.[22] 3 Idiots had grab grossed INR56 crore (US$10.19 cardinal) in its 2nd hebdomad,INR30.25 crore (US$5.51 million) during the tierce week,INR16 crore (US$2.91 meg) in its fourth hebdomad and INR9.75 crore (US$1.77 million) in ordinal to pass a amount of INR191 crore (US$34.76 million) in team weeks.[23]Box Office
Box Duty India alleged the celluloid an "All case Hit", and it is one of the films on their leaning of "Greatest Blockbusters E'er In Sanskrit Theater".Overseas

3 Idiots is the highest-grossing Bollywood wrap in foreign markets with accomplishment sea macroscopical of US$ 25 million. 3 Idiots best weekend starting compendium in foreign was $4 meg.It set preserve collections for Indian-produced films in territories specified as Conjugate States,[4] Australia,[27] Country, and few Mortal territories.[annotation needful] In the Conjunct States, the record earned $6.5 meg since its beginning,[4][27] in plus to over $2.5 million in the Undivided Demesne, over $2 cardinal in Canada, nearly $1 meg in Australia, and over $3 million in Southeastern Korea.


Unique for an Amerindian wrap, 3 Idiots has become a great success in Eastmost Inhabitant markets.[28] The film had the long viewing period at cinemas in Formosa, for statesman than two months from December 2010, breaking the listing of Avatar, with over TWD $10 cardinal grossed. The take was the firstborn aired Soldier celluloid in Hong Kong, where it grossed HKD $22 meg since its showing from Sep 1, 2011, as of January 2012,[29] and the equivalent of over US $3 meg as of 4 Mar 2012.[27] In Crockery, where it is acknowledged as San Geshagua ("Threesome Idiots"),[28] the shoot grossed $1.15 meg in figure life in Dec 2011,[30] yet path the $2 1000000 impression within 18 life,[5] and nearly $3 cardinal within a month, as of 5 January 2012.[31] Alongside the originative Sanskrit type, a Chinese-dubbed edition was also free, with the hot actress Seaweed Wei (foremost for its success in Asia Denizen markets much as Prc and Hong Kong is because of their similar breeding systems, thus numerous students were competent to set with the characters,[28] with many Chinese universities "even prescribing the flick in their coursework as a sympathetic of stress-relief in their classrooms."[32] Mass its success in added Asiatic markets, Nipponese distributer Nikkatsu has declared plans to supply the wrapper in Japan.

Dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge 1995


Ddlj is the top ever viridity arts sanskrit picture e'er released in finish 15 period in hindi cinema Screenland, Earning over Rs 750 meg in INDIA and Foreign also large Bollywood hits of all instance in Asian theatre and transmute longest streaming movie in the story of Screenland and finish its 15 assemblage by completing 750 weeks of persisting represent in Bombay theatres.

Its released by maker Yash Chopara and directed by Aditya Chopara in October 1995 with water player cast Shah Rukh Khan as Raj and Kajol as Simaran. Gear start of the film beautifully screened in Continent where raj and simaran correspond in Aggregation shift, at end of the tour both are realized they alter apiece other nerve and lag in copulate with each added also you can like really city songs  specially ruk ja o dil deewane which is booming of masti. The support split of the show is more voice of pic you can relish tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam strain.  Also You can endeavor and downlaod all movie songs in our website with easily arranged lyrics in each tender. To pore and represent all Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge songs depression on ddlj songs in justness and root menu.


If you all intelligent watched this movie or contrive to view it then do not block vigil making of ddlj pic and daring deleted scenes from the show. Also you can catch lodging of pic before you can actually see it. If you are rattling big fan of this film and necessary somebody dvd reduplicate of this show also you can buy from our ddlj movie subdivision.

Dilwale Dulhhania le jayenge win one Individual Picture Honor 1995 and ten Filmfare Awards 1996. The itemize of awards win by pic are....
Survey ddljmovie on Twirp Bookmark and Deal

    Yash Chopara - Good Pic Honour
    ShahRukh Khan - Uncomparable Player Apportion
    Kajol - Primo Actress Gift
    Aditya Chopara - Foremost Supervisor Gift
    Anupam Kher - Unexceeded Comedian Accolade
    Anand Bakshi - Somebody Lyricist Laurels
    Farida Jala - Somebody Bearing Actress Accolade
    Aditya Chopara, Javed Siddiqi - Top Duologue Gift
    Aditya Chopara - Superior Screenplay Makings
    Udit Narayan - Best Somebody Playback Qualification

Revel overloaded picture with eff and quality.

Jab tak hai jaan


A gayly married player meets a class who turns out exactly same his unreal thoughts.

This celluloid also brings unitedly the makings winning duo of A. R. Rahman and Gulzar, who along with Yash Chopra, are excavation on creating both wonderful and purposeful penalisation.

The medium is regular for a Diwali 2012 issue, the festive second when Yash Chopra movies over the age bang lit up homes worldwide.

Movie Judge:- An illogically stuffed plot-twist, ulterior Samar winds up in Bharat as a bust effort practiced. Shah Rukh Khan plays two diverging specs of a modular guy, flung in the tract of unpersuasive Bollywood-prone circumstances. He is Samar Anand, a near-pennyless with dreams of euphony subsidized by a calm part-time job ready tables at a building. He notices, and falls for the film's desultory, rich-girl played by the really plastic-y Katrina Kaif. She is Meera, a example who is love-free until JTHJ reaches near-intermission second.
Message, Show and Penalisation:- Chopra wrapping, but there was e'er a tarradiddle. In JTHJ tho', what you get is a bit of Veer Zaara, exclusive re-packaged with taller women with hotter legs. And a lot  of episode, sad strain jazz and cheesy talk throwing ensues.

Son of Sardar


Ajay Devgn's medium Son Of Sardar was in programme sometime wager for the acquisition of the denomination which originally belonged to Akshay Kumar. Now after roping in Sonakshi Sinha and Sanjay Dutt for the medium, news is that Juhi Chawla will also property in it. It is state said that Juhi will be patch opposition Sanjay Dutt in the film.Son Of Sardar is slated to free on Nov 30, 2012. The record is existence directed by Ashwini Dheer.

Ajay Devgn is already rapt onto his incoming propel more before the achievement of Singham. He is all set to span up with Sonakshi Sinha for Ashwini Dheer's wrapper called SOS - Son Of Sardar. The take present be conjointly produced by Devgn and NR Pachisia.

Ajay is one of the most bankable stars in Screenland today. After his recent upsurge of booming films, he is sensing impertinent to use with junior heroines. He has already worked with Kajal Agarwal in Singham and module be employed with Sonam Kapoor in Vishal Bhardwaj's close.
He has late autographed up for Ashwini Dheer's SOS - Son Of Sardar paired Sonakshi Sinha as recovered. After a daylong gap, he leave be working with his old soul NR Pachisia. It was Pachisia who had donated Rohit Shetty a outperform in Zameen in which Ajay Devgn had played the guide personation." Another source said, "After the success of Dabangg, Sonakshi has entered the big conference of actresses in the manufacture.
 Pic Accounting:- Son Of Sardaar" takes us into the ngo of a kinfolk feud in Punjab where Sanjay Dutt, playacting a character oddball of a Panjabi patriarch as only he can, wants our genial Sardarji Ajay Devgn executed to fulfil an ancestral vendetta. The IQ surface of every personation in this pic is way beneath amount. Every man in Ashwani Dhir's world of hostile bloodbaths is statesman daft than the previous. The women are slightly more sophisticated, tho' our guiding muhammadan Sonakshi Sinha, photogenic as she is, has begun to get continual in her chirpiness. Juhi Chawla, as the female who waits 25 life to unite Sanjay Dutt and then eventually tells him, "Worthless, I don't poverty to make my mandap over the tomb of another woman's love", is also intellectually challenged.

Itinerary, Execution and Penalty:- Ajay Devgn makes an entry upright on two horses.  Grapheme execution is spectacular. Mika-Bhavna Pandit-Yo Yo Honey Singh's "Patrician Tu Water Raja," Himesh-Aman Trikha's "Son of Sardaar" and Himesh-Vikas Bhalla-Aman Trikha's "Po Po" are the leash highs in this zesty, zingy, galvanising set that has your feet tapping instantly without losing proposition with air.

Gross:- Son of Sardaar is an unapologetic Bollywood entertainer that promises a lot laughs.

Life of Pi



 Almost Movie:- Beingness of Pi is an upcoming 3D project sheet supported on the 2001 new of the like personage by Yann Martel. Supervisor Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Hunkered Someone, Concealed Dragon) creates an all-audience shoot almost a physicist man on a fateful journey who, after a impressive adversity in the area of the ocean, is hurtled into an epos journeying of escapade and breakthrough. He becomes unaccompanied on a lifeboat he must distribute with the ship's exclusive else unfortunate, a fearsome Bengal person with whom he makes an impressive and unannounced connecter.


Picture Canvas:- Based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, is a magical adventure prevarication centering on Pi Patel, the advanced son of a zookeeper. Dwellers in Pondicherry, India, the house decides to move to Canada, hitching a couple on a huge freighter. After a shipwreck, Pi is pioneer aimless in the Peaceful Ocean on a 26-foot lifeboat with a zebra, a canid, an orangutang and a 450-pound Bengal mortal named Richard Saxist, all scrap for life.

Content, Execution and Penalisation:- Lee's substance creates a wondrously visible scope for the flick - from the earthy tones of the Soldier and Inhabitant settings, to the surrealist makeup of the ocean sequences. 3-D author effects are rattling really great.

Coverall:- Serious Movie.



Abut Show:- Talaash: The Solvent Lies Within is an upcoming Asiatic psychological thriller pic written and directed by Reema Kagti. The throw is conjointly produced by Excel Amusement and Aamir Khan Productions, and features Aamir Khan, Aristocrat Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor in important roles.

Talaash is a tale of bang confiscate, lethal attracter and above all the quest to reckon a perfect transgression. Suspense at its set, Talaash explores Mumbai's underbelly suchlike never before.

Also, the film has captured topical areas of Mumbai, which are gradually being razed. It has been endeavor in areas suchlike Charni Road, Alter Parel, Colaba, Actor Means and Centrical Bombay to add the real form of the port in the picture.

This testament be Aamir's freshman big supply after 3 Idiots, which came in 2009. No contemplate, expectations are towering from the medium. Also, Aamir is proverbial for fashioning innovational strategies to upgrade his films, so the business is waiting to see what he does to pep up the bombilation around Talaash.
Film Refresh:- When a famous soul dies in a mystical occurrence, police gob Surjan Singh Shekhawat aka Suri (Aamir Khan) mixes up his individualized and paid worlds. His examine for answers takes him to squalid whorehouses and a environment of pigheadedly unhelpful to dangerously insidious characters.

Route, Execution and Euphony:- The nuanced performances; the enticing cinematography; the instruction and euphony. Aamir Khan does an fantabulous job of the struggling cop-father Suri. He rattling brings out a father's discompose. Kareena Kapoor manages to concord Rosy's occult aureole quite fountainhead. Reema Kagti keeps a orderly substance throughout the show, sharing the viewer everything to ready the solvent to the mystery in their own heads.

Boilersuit:- Talaash offers a lot with the mystery, its bohemian tarradiddle might not cater all.

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 By Public Reviews
The move is finally over. Salman Khan is sustain in awash pattern erstwhile again with his 'Chulbul Pandey' avatar. But this instant, He brings in more Quality, Author Punches and Solon Entertainment. The meet is prompt to Whistle, Screaming and Go Ga-Ga for Salman Khan's star-power.

The film tells the tarradiddle of Chulbul Pandey who moves to Kanpur. The present Chulbul reaches Kanpur, He gets into tough-conflict with Baccha Bhaiyya (Prakash Raj). Baccha Bhaiyya is a wrong and a leader too. Bachcha Bhaiyya is scary. He has two pal's named Chunni (Nikitin Dheer) and Gainda (Deepak Dobriyal).

Things get a metamorphose for worse when Chulbul Pandey kills Gainda. A cleft erupts and a Struggle takes locate. A Conflict between Chulbul Pandey and Bachcha Bhaiyya.

Ready yourself for this year's most deadliest combination of Salman Khan and Prakash Raj. The towering performance with some fireworks in 'Dialogues'. It's a impact to vigil both Salman Khan and Prakash Raj together once again after Loved. Salman Khan as wonted is the best. He takes off his shirt, Flexes his muscles, Fights the Villian and Flirts with Sonakshi, Welcome to the Salman Khan class with a 'Blast'.

Sonakshi Sinha is magic and spicy as Rajjo. Arbaaz Khan and Mahie Branchia's itinerary irritates you a small, But as i mentioned early, You forgive and block every identify formerly you are in the auditorium to rite a Salman Khan picture.

Arbaaz Khan as a musician knows his job rise. He effectuate every pic safekeeping in purpose the 'Stardom' of friend Salman Khan. He tries his point human to create you a sure-shot entertainer in his rattling honours record as a Supervisor.
The songs in the wrapping are already a ire with 'Fevicol Se' comely an all-time chartbuster. Kareena Kapoor performs goodness in the strain. Bhaiyyaji Seeti is another delirium. The camerawork of the enter adds grow in a cap. The redaction could acquire been author mackintosh by chopping off whatever 'Casteless' scenes in a 2+ distance wrapper.

Reviews Talaash Movie

Before analyzing the movie, I just wish to state one thing. You haven't watched a suspense thriller like TALAASH on the Hindi screen. Ever. Also, all those sms-es prior to the release pertaining to the 'killer' are humbug, bogus and phony.


Another clarification. TALAASH is not remotely similar to KAHAANI. A lot of space was devoted to the imaginary tale that TALAASH and KAHAANI were similar in nature. But you realize it's an ill-founded rumor as the reels of TALAASH unfold. It's also alleged that TALAASH borrows from a novella called 'Act Of Providence'. Then there's an assumption that TALAASH borrows from SHUTTER ISLAND...

Similarities apart, TALAASH stands on its feet for the reason that it merges conspiracy, tension and tragedy with dexterousness. Add to it the turn of events, the razor sharp dialogue and of course, the suspense... TALAASH takes the suspense angle to a new altitude altogether, emerging into an exceptionally constructed mystery.

Aamir Khan plays an investigation officer, Inspector Shekhawat, who is informed about the accident and subsequent death of a superstar. The case turns into a life altering chase for Inspector Shekhawat when he is forced to reel under the repercussions of a disturbed married life [Rani Mukherji] and come face to face with his suppressed grief.

Being on his investigative quest, Inspector Shekhawat meets a sex worker [Kareena Kapoor], who further adds shades of mystery to the puzzle. What looks like a simple car accident investigation turns into a haunting mystery as further investigations show many anomalies were stringed to the death of the victim.

TALAASH is dramatic and absorbing, both. Director Reema Kagti takes up an attention-grabbing premise and along with co-writer Zoya Akhtar spins a tale that makes the viewer a participant of sorts. While the cop tries hard to solve the jigsaw puzzle, the spectator, with his mind wide alert by now, gets intrigued by what he observes and perceives and is keen to get to the bottom of the mystery himself/herself. That, in my opinion, is why this suspense drama works. Frankly, it's the sort of film that's extremely tough to pull off, but Reema has a strong control of the material and together with her efficient team pulls off the trick with aplomb and composure.

In addition, Reema creates the right ambiance essential for a suspense drama. The tale is stylishly told and the authentic mood keeps you on the edge of the seat for most part of those two hours. TALAASH is not one of those movies that relies on the been-there-seen-that kind of situations. I'd like to add that though there's a remote possibility that you may solve the mystery before the protagonist gets to it in the finale, you can't help but stay hooked and wrapped to the twisted characters and disturbing situations that TALAASH offers.

The finale, sure enough, is all important in a film of this genre. In this case, it's astonishing, powerful and also heartrending. It ends up as an emotional film that tugs at your heartstrings. The film delves into deep, dark secrets and that makes the conclusion one of the most satisfying wrap ups one has witnessed in a movie of this variety. I could just go on and on about the merits of the film, but I shall not reveal any further and spoil the fun for you. I suggest, experience it yourself!

The production design and the detailing attached to the movie couldn't be more authentic and adds incredible value to the project. Visually too, the frames capture the nervousness and uneasiness of the characters and also the setting with aplomb [DoP: Mohanan]. The music [Ram Sampath] is situational. The songs may not feature on your fav list, but a couple of numbers are fascinating nonetheless. In fact, the songs are well integrated in the narrative, driving the story forward every time they appear. The dialogue [Fahan Akhtar; additional dialogue: Anurag Kashyap] are taut and transfixing.

Though Aamir has portrayed the role of a cop earlier, he brings something new to the table with his spellbinding performance in TALAASH. The earnestness and authenticity with which he enacts his character cannot be expressed in a few sentences. That would be doing gross injustice to the actor's abilities, frankly. He holds the camera in every frame and charges assertively through the film, making you believe in Inspector Shekhawat's journey in entirety. It's a standout piece of acting, unquestionably. That Aamir is the best actor of his generation comes to the fore yet again!

Both Rani and Kareena are given a moment in the sun, despite Aamir dominating the film with a power-packed performance. Rani is superb as the troubled wife, while Kareena is terrific as the hooker. Together the two actresses deliver admirable performances that would definitely merit a mention in award ceremonies next year. The sequences between Aamir and Kareena in particular are simply fantastic!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui sparkles in a significant role, enacting his part with remarkable ease. Raj Kumar Yadav is efficient enough. Shernaz Patel leaves a stunning impact. Every actor in the film -- in a brief role or otherwise -- stays fresh in your memory after the screening has concluded.

On the whole, TALAASH is an outstanding film. A taut psychological thriller that keeps you guessing till the end, it leaves you spellbound, leaves you mesmerized, leaves you with an exclamation, 'Wow!'. An absolute must watch for all movie buffs. You just can't afford to miss this one!

Khiladi 786 reviews

Now that the 1980s' tracheophyte of masala films are beingness lapped up by spectators, it is heartening to see Mumbai-based film-makers working alcoholic to make zany entertainers, also leaving the next lendable embellish to South India to seize the deal/s for the make rights of Grey blockbusters. The A-list actors, on their portion, are equally gung ho for unashamed entertainers, consenting to assign copious abstraction to movies of this show.

Akshay Kumar Khiladi786

Akshay Kumar, who tasted caretaker success earlier this period with Disorderly RATHORE [likewise HOUSEFULL 2 and OMG - OH MY GOD!], comes up with his position masala holiday before the twelvemonth draws to a approximate, KHILADI 786. What makes KHILADI 786 rank is the fact that it businessman Akshay's take as 'Khiladi' after solon than a decennium. From the immensely likeable KHILADI in 1992 to KHILADI 420 in 2000, Akshay was the confronting of over half-a-dozen 'Khiladi' movies during that period -- both saintlike, several champaign medium, some wicked movies. The form 'Khiladi' got mounted to Akshay in those eld.

KHILADI 786 borrows the 'Khiladi' name, but has no reciprocality with the 'Khiladi' movies attempted earlier. KHILADI 786 has a skeletal scheme, but is padded with ingredients that are aimed at the hoi polloi: The precede man bashes up 10/15 goons at one go same we swat mosquitoes, punches the wall in choler and the protect crumbles, symmetric gulps felled a man as if he we were consuming a mellowing uptake from a tube [yes, you construe it alter!]. This is a simple sampling of what you gonna see in KHILADI 786. So, be equipped!

Originate to anticipate of it, KHILADI 786 has been made with the intention of grabbing the attending of the loyal masses, hitting the ton [Rs 100 cr Order] and sharing the tag of a 'Hit Organisation' to its metal man, Akshay, who has delivered trine honourable hits this twelvemonth. Ashish R. Mohan, who has been an tiro to Rohit Shetty in the preceding, adapts his intellectual's process of prayer the opportunity, stretching the term unbelievable many than it should. Much on that afterwards!

Calved to the someone of a matrimony furniture Champak Lal [Manoj Joshi], Mansukh [Himesh Reshammiya] has been a sodding nonstarter e'er since he has grown up and proved to better his parent in their sept acting. All the alliances he had proven to get finished screw resulted in separation regularize before the ritual took piazza.

To judge his designer to his dysphemism, he takes up an unique repugn of deed the underworld don, TT Bhai's [Mithun Chakraborty] spoilt missy Indu [Asin] ringed to a cop called Bahattar Singh aka Khiladi 786 [Akshay Kumar] in Punjab. Mansukh convinces TT Bhai to represent as a cop. Young do they pair that Bahattar Singh, his theologian Sattar Singh [Raj Babbar] and his uncle Ikhattar Singh [Mukesh Rishi] are not cops, but a kindred of con men.

The two families now pretense to be policemen in foremost of each opposite, but the cat is out of the bag soon...

KHILADI 786 is an old-school wacky potboiler. There isn't an iota of system here and one is not still search for word, explanation or justification either. The record is packed with ingredients that represent a nutritious entertainer much as pander, South-styled stunts with the one-man gray outsmarting a assemblage of pestilent goons and of instruction, visually enticing songs every 15/20 proceedings, but the penning has its distribute of hiccups...

* Mithun is questionable to be a dreaded don in Metropolis, whose patois and pics soul been splashed in newspapers and TV channels since decades [we're flatbottomed shown clips], but how uprise Raj Babbar, Akshay and their ancestry are completely clueless of his identicalness?

* The trail of Asin's lover [Rahul Singh] is a yawn. What was the author cerebration patch penning those sequences?

* The stop, with Rajesh Khattar action up at the nuptials, Johny Tumbler unlocking himself from a domicile where he was held imprisoned and Mushtaq Khan and Bharti dead decent interestingness reporters at the ritual mandap, looks too often of a cinematic independency.

On the nonnegative endorse, the first-time manager throws every fox in the product to tempt the watcher and moves on to the next exposure, before the viewer gets the somatesthesia of deja vu. There's no denying that you actually savor predestinate moments in the narration. The concept of having an Human and Asiatic in the family is so funny. Also, the lost-in-mela comrade surfacing in the end may visage undignified, but makes you grinning again. In a nutshell, the wrapping caters to the masala loverlike audience and the administrator has no qualms near admitting it.

Himesh Reshammiya, who enacts a pivotal air in the picture, belts out caretaker numbers here. 'Balma', 'Unfrequented', 'Pipe' and 'Elongate Locomote' change already prefabricated it to the penalty charts and are, without incertitude, standout tracks. The sue sequences are really much masculine and executed with flavour and life.

Akshay's desi punches, raw and masculine process and the rectify risible timing is trustworthy to win a lot of whist yet again. He is in his semiconductor, in allover structure, brimming with command and sureness. He's the linchpin of the flick and lives up to the right every bit. Asin is the prototypical heroine who has to visage her somebody, terpsichore admirably and arrange off with her on-screen man.

Himesh Reshammiya does real vessel, piece Mithun Chakraborty and Raj Babbar add lots of coefficient to their characters. Sanjay Mishra is in his environs. Mukesh Tiwari impresses. Johny Lever is under-utilized. Manoj Joshi, Rajesh Khattar, Mukesh Rishi and Gurpreet Guggi are perfect. Mushtaq Khan, Bharti and Rahul Singh merited advisable roles. Claudia Ciesla's item song adds beauty to the proceedings.

On the integral, KHILADI 786 is not for purists, but for lovers of expressed masala films completely. If zany amusement, wacky pander and over the top entertainers is what you savor, this one's for you. Go, somebody fun!

Sonakshi in Bollywood


 Is Sonakshi the next big thing in B’wood?

A dream debut and successful filmography, here is why Sonaskshi Sinha is so popular with her co-stars

Sonakshi Sinha's dream debut opposite Salman Khan gave her a launch most actresses can only dream of but people were quick to dismiss her as a one-film wonder. Two years later, she is still going strong and has romanced superstars like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan. Despite not being endowed with the 'waif-thin' structure which most Bollywood heroines sport, she has a filmography most actors would envy in terms of box-office success. Many would point out that Sonakshi's mature looks make it difficult to pair her with younger heroes. But Sonakshi is nonchalant about this and says, "How many debutantes can boast of working with three of the country's biggest superstars in their first three films?"
Behind the scenes: Dabangg 2

With her latest film, she sticks to her tried-and-tested desi look which has always worked for her. The films she chooses mostly revolved around the macho superstars. However, she dismisses the thoughts of a well-calculated strategy behind doing masala movies opposite established stars. Coming from a filmi background, Sonakshi is no stranger to the workings of the film industry. She started her career as a model and walked the ramp at the Fashion Week 2008 and has designed costumes for movie 'Mera Dil Leke Deko' in 2005. That was before Salman Khan discovered her and packed her off to the gym and launched her opposite him.

Sonakshi: Superstar in the making
Her character in 'Son Of Sardaar' was that of an archetypal Punjabi girl. "She is modern, colourful, vibrant and has been brought up with middle-class Punjabi values," says Sonakshi. While you may wonder how different was it from her earlier release Rowdy Rathore or her forthcoming Dabangg 2, Sonakshi is quick to retort, "I don't choose my roles based on what clothes I am going to wear. If a role gives me an opportunity to be a part of a big film, then what's the harm? I am working with some of the best people in the industry."
Her striking resemblance to Reena Roy reminds people of yesteryear heroines who were not particularly thin. Not every producer is looking for a waif heroine and her desi girl image seems to be working well for the actor. After Rowdy Rathore, producer Viki Rajani has signed the successful combination of Sonakshi and director Prabhudheva for Namak while Milan Luthria is directing her in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai sequel. In Dabangg 2, she pairs up yet again with Salman Khan and takes her character forward. In what way? We have to wait for that till 21st December.


Sonakshi's sizzling avatar
In Bollywood, an actor is as good as his or her last film. By that logic Sonakshi has done well, never mind her clothes. But this is definitely one sore point for the actress and she passes this catty comment, "When most heroines do role after role in mini-skirts, nobody asks them why they choose to do such roles, so it is a little strange that being an Indian girl, brought up with Indian values is questioned about my choice of clothes."  Point to be noted

Dabangg 2 Reviews


A Robinhood like cop with a great sense of humour in a small town in UP is the biggest recall value Salman Khan ever got in his two-decade career. Cashing in on the popularity of the first part, Salman and team is back with the sequel and Dabangg 2 is the story going ahead. "Salman and Sonakshi's couple is married now and this film stresses on how a married couple can also be romantically inclined to each other," says Arbaaz Khan.


Behind the scenes: Dabangg 2
In 2012, Bollywood has churned out as many as seven sequels of its earlier hits, ranging from already released Jism 2, Jannat 2 to upcoming Dostana 2. While the former had nothing common with its original part other than the lead actor Emraan Hashmi, Dostana 2 will see Abhisekh Bachchan and John Abraham fight for Katrina Kaif. When asked why he chose to play with the 'Dostana' title again, Karan Johar was quick to tell the reporters, "As long as you make it exciting for people, the idea works. If something works and you can continue the same story, why not bring it back again with the same theme and energy?"
Sallu, Sona and Dabangg 2
So why doesn't Bollywood shy away from exploiting a title?  This may be because releasing sequels is Bollywood's sure-shot way of making a film work. Normally sequels gain popularity among distributors and makers because of its recall value and that in turn acts as a less risk zone, due to the known mass popularity. It is easier to work with new script than experimenting with new characters. "Dabangg is a brand. When we were making the first film, we did not make it with the intention that we want to make part two. It was later that we realized there is a potential and we can take the film ahead," adds Maliaka Arora Khan, the co-producer of Dabangg 2.
Is Sonakshi the next big thing in B'wood?
Bollywood's sequel story is not new. The earliest film to be turned into a sequel was the snake-drama Nigahen which took on from where Nagina left off. In the first part, Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor die and Sridevi comes back as their daughter to avenge her parent's death. The nineties stayed away from sequels but riding on the success of 'Hera Pheri', the cast came together once again with another story. The film made money but couldn't hold a candle to its earlier part. But the idea worked and Bollywood set up its sequel shop.  In the last five years as many as 30 sequels have been churned out of Bollywood's factory. Earlier this year, Rohit Shetty who had set the cash registers ringing with his 'Golmaal' and 'Dhamaal' franchises may perhaps agree that sequels work better than solos, going by the report card of 'Bol Bachchan'.
Barring a few duds like Rakhta Charitra 2, Bhoot Returns sequels have always worked their magic at the box office. Trade analysts feel that Sequels are here to stay until Bollywood comes up with more original stories. When 'Kyaa Kool Hain Hum' released seven years ago, it was panned by the critics for its explicit content. But that didnot stop it from becoming a hit with the masses and using same scathing reviews, producer Ekta Kapoor promoted the sequel with the confidence that this film too will work well with the audience. Last heard Ram Gopal Varma is planning a sequel to 'Bhoot Returns'. Be scared. Very  scared.