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Le Gaya Saddam

Le Gaya Saddam

    Release Date
    Nove 2nd 2012.

Production budget range - 1.5 crore marketing funds -
3.5 crore box office collection - 1 crore

Celebrity Cast
    Chirag Patil.... Sher Khan
    Raghuveer Yadav.... Saddam Khan
    Sufi Sayyad.... Munni
    Amjad Khan 1.... Halim Bhai
    Ganesh Yadav
    Nandini Jumani
    Pitobash Tripathy
    Ravindra Kale

    Story / Writers
    Amjad Khan 1

    Amjad Khan 1

    Amjad Khan 1

    Pravin Angre

    Madhu Rao

    Music Company

Story Le Gaya Saddam
Sher Khan, a person of flourishing ego. An example of arrogance and pride.He owns a brick factory and in love with village’s most exquisite girl, Munni. According to his grandpa Saddam, he is that the most burgeoning and macho man through the complete village. Sher Khan, wears his own attitude adores the dignity of being in love with Munni. Munni is the merely fact that Sher Khan is the most disliked person between villagers. They don’t mind if something inauspicious happens to him.

Le Gaya Saddam

Saddam, proud grandfather of Sher Khan, owns one relocating Unani sex medicine shop. This adorable respected person treats every normal to critical sexual doubt with 100 percent surety of curing. He never let his patients uncomfortable to share their sexual doubt. Being merely proud guardian of his grandson Sher Khan he cares concerning him a lot. But because of

His industry, some spoil brats get ready joke behind of him. nevertheless this easygoing person never minds. There may be an unspoken rule between villagers that if anybody interact with Saddam in public for no matter what.

One night villagers uncover Sher Khan and Munni romancing each other in a paddy area. Though they were not doing anything shameful villagers uncover this act very disturbing as it may spoil their children’s innocent mind and that would be not acceptable. On Panchayet’s conclusion Sher Khan and Munni tie the knot at very next day. And at their first night just about every of them notices that Sher Khan has a sexual issuedifficulty. Munni’s sudden wedding smashes down many romantic hearts. Her once admirers who showered her through many trophy to get close to Munni, suddenly locate those affords was just wasting of time because Munni of all time belonged to Sher Khan. She never intended to marry anybody nevertheless Sher Khan. They consciously, unconsciously beginning to spoil Munni’s romantic broth with Sher Khan. They openly start coming to Munni’s home to require the price of their so called gift. Frustrated Sher Khan comences doubting Munni’s attitude and intensions.

Sher Khan’s living becomes miserable. He never discoverys out any loop hole in Munni’s love towards him however every day something doubtful surely happens and that shakes his faith on love and Munni. His alleged sexual dilemma makes him believe that may be Munni is wanting to locate somea single else. Being ignorant about villager’s diplomatic attitude and Sher Khan’s doubtful mind Munni comences to enjoy every bit of her wedding lifestyle. One day Sher Khan decides to visit village goon Halim bhai just to instruct his bloody competitors a lesson. His sudden meet at Halim bhai’s place destroys his slumber faith on Munni. Halim bhai turns out as biggest ‘ashique’ of Munni whose den turns out as a

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